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No need for matches!   No need for flames!
With the new Sterno FlamelessTM Heat System, you can serve hot food where you never could before!  It's innovative technology allows you to create new business opportunities and generate additional profitability.

Sterno Flameless Chafers

A.) SF01501 - Flameless Disposable Chafer System
B.) SF01502 - Flamelss Portable Chafer System
(For use exclusively with Sterno FlamelessTM Heater Pouches shown below)

Sterno Flameless Pouch
SF01500 - Flameless Heater Pouch
At the heart of the Sterno FlamelessTM Heat System is the all-inclusive flameless heat pouch.  This flexible foil pouchfeatures a self-contained system that, when activated, mixes natural materials and water to generate long lasting flameless heat!  A simple pull on the attached activation strap begins the process and within minutes, enough heat is generated to keep prepared hot foods at or above the safe-serving temperatures of 140oF for 80 minutes.  Designed to work in permanent chafing dishes or the Sterno FlamelessTM Chafers (shown above).

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Convenience and Versatility / There's nowhere hot food can't go!

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